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Thread: collection/puzzle pieces from rift bosses and zone events

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    Default collection/puzzle pieces from rift bosses and zone events

    It is an idea I had posted long time ago.

    I willl explain shortly
    1. What it is
    2. Why you should be able to implement it easily
    3. Why it is usefull to attrac player and keep them in the game invested

    1. Bosses from rifts and zone events would drop like a puzzle piece of a picture of telara history. If you have all the pieces of one collection you get something special.

    2. You already have the mechanics for it. It should be possible to add this to the loot drop mechanics of rift bosses or zone events.
    What I suggest, that the puzzle pieces are linked to certain types to rift type. (one puzzle type is only dropped from water etc.). It might be possible that certain bosses only drop certain puzzle pieces.
    !!!! certain pieces should only drop by certain levels and only if your mentored to the level!!!!
    The puzzle pieces would make one picture like a fresco https://i3.cpcache.com/product/11178...e%22%3A2%7D%5D
    if you have finished the fresco a soundeffect and rewards which you could collect at the artefact colllector for example.
    The only thing it needs to do is design the frescos and the gifts the rest you already have as mechanics

    3. Why it is usefull for the playerbase and keeping the people interested.
    It gives a bigger motivation to collect and to do rifts additional to that only certain levels will give will make the player go back ot lower zones also gives them with the instance adventure more motivation to do more.

    I had this idea 5 years ago already here are some additional ideas I had

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