[1] - Offer some alternative to the 25 pellets in the final stage of the eternal quest... if you are on a slow connection or have any latency, this aspect of the quest is impossible. Not all of us live in a big city with 50 MB/s or better internet... some are stuck out in the sticks where 2 MB/s is a GOOD day and there's no other options for faster internet.

[2] - Bring back crafting skills ability to break down items into components like it was pre-SFP... not everyone has the time or the money to spend hours just farming mats or buying the mats off the AH. In the old days you could get some of the mats you needed for crafting daily quests and crafting objects by doing content you are already on

I know #1 will probably never happen but I had to ask, hoping that some day #2 will be a thing again