hi all, dear devs,

I've got an idea this morning that could definitely solve the problem of the World Events bosses kill steal (wow, seems quite epic !!!)

we have this need of events bosses kills, for upgrading items - OK - this given

as always the 1 minute immunity of low level bosses is never enough, you are half way to the boss and he's dead

moreover, nowadays eg in vostigar events all people are waiting at the boss spawn location and no one wants to do the "dirty work" (the captures) because you will never get to the boss in time, and you lose the kill

so, why not adding a system, like a temporary ability, that can instantly teleport to the boss from wherever in the same zone map, if you are actively partecipating to the event, as soon as it spawns, so you can have the boss kill without problems?

hope this would be really considered and appreciated