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Thread: old threads on forum

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    Default old threads on forum

    Is it possible to close threads that haven't been posted in for say.. more than 6 months and move them to a separate section or to the archives?

    From time to time, I see threads that haven't seen a fresh post in over 6 months or longer get a comment/reply/update again.

    An exception can be made for the tech support, since certain issues seem to have auto-rez.
    It would be nice if the tech support section got more tabs to cluster types of issues instead of the long list in one tab. Information that was gathered in the past on certain issues can still be useful, but people usually don't get through the list for the older information on their problems

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    FYI You can report the posts with a reason like "necro" and the mods may split it out and/or close the old thread

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