Every Fae Yule I get a couple dozen or more duplicate wardrobe items such as Ice Sword, Ice Dagger, Candy Cane, Fae Yule Festive Hat, Ice Scythe, Snowflake Staff and Gargantuan Candy Cane from 4 hour minion missions. One time I got two of the same wardrobe item from the same minion mission.

I've literally gotten well over a dozen of each of these Fae Yule costume items over the years, which is a big waste because only one is usable per account, and they have little or no vendor value.

Please do one of the following:

1. Remove the wardrobe items completely as minion mission rewards since they are so prone to duplication and instead give dimension items, unique snowflakes, companion pets, dark icicles, etc.

2. Allow duplicate Fae Yule wardrobe items to be returned to the vendor for their value in Unique Snowflakes and Dark Icicles. Several of the wardrobe weapons, such as Ice Scythe, cost 500 Unique Snowflakes and 1 Dark Icicle each.