You create a Soul Tree for PvP where you put all the points. There is no 3 soul combo for PvP, just one PvP Soul. Balance problems, gone.

As for gear... Noobs will wear their PvE gear at first but will get owned. Bring back Vengeance (player hit for the uninitiated) but here's where it gets good for Trion...

The more you play the better your gear. But gear should degrade over time. If you're not PvP'ing then your gear gets worse and worse (to the basic level). Other games do similar things, you can figure it out, Trion, I have faith.

Why? Because you monetize the PvP gearing. Think of the Prestige vials you'll be selling and Patron to get bonuses. It's beautiful.

Players get balance, hardcore PvP folks get gear, prestige and everything they ever wanted (bring back conquest), everyone wins.

Sorry but not sorry for the clicky bait title.