In the current end game, open world and raid content are way too intermingled.

For example, IMHO the Vostigar equipment (purchased using Intel) is open world equipment since intel is (mostly) acquired in the open world [Vostigar dailies, rares, and ZEs]. It should not require upgrade components that can only be acquired via doing raid content. [Yes EZTD is raid content even if easy to do.]

Conversely, raid equipment should not require upgrade components acquired in open world [Matrices and by association planarite from NMR and Intel] (Yes I know BOS bosses drop intel now but that is a limited resource). Upgrade components should be available from raiding.

Let the various equipment paths be independent from each other so those who prefer open world and do open world content and those who raid do raid content.

And if you like both... then that is fine, there will be equipment and upgrades available via both paths. One can use the open world vostigar equipment while raiding for improved equipment.

Note that I am not asking the open world equipment to be better or equal to raid gear. The current gear level is appropriate. Allowing the open world player a non-raid upgrade path gives a goal for the open world player to work towards in improving their gear and thus a reason to play Rift.

We all want a healthy community with a decent population. Giving clear paths for raid and open world progression will open the door for more players to enjoy the game and help with an active player base.