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Thread: A list of suggestions

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    Default A list of suggestions

    Hi. I've been playing for a few years now and I'm afraid I've been saving up all my suggestions for one big list. It's mostly stuff I thought might get changed over time but never was so I'm goin to ask for these. Here goes:

    The veteran vendor loot seems seriously outdated. Can we have some new goodies in there?

    The loot acquired at the various patron tiers also seems dated or at least uninspiring. Some of the dimension items are particularly disappointing. Most of them are just using up space in my various characters bank vaults.

    Can we have at least one mount in affinity rewards that applies to all characters on the account? It seems a logical thing to do since the affinity itself is shared across all characters. It can be much more expensive than the other mounts if it's felt necessary.

    There is room on the log in screen for one more character. Can we make that happen so we can have 14 on each shard? This will have the added benefit of making it worth me buying the next power pack that unlocks a character slot.

    Let us change colours of weapons and mounts. (Probably been asked many times but it would be a huge plus)

    Can we have a warrior class that uses bow/rifle animations in ranged attacks? Or perhaps change one of the old classes to do this. It would be nice to be able to use the cool wardrobes on a warrior. (Since I added this to my list we got mystic archer which is fantastic but one for warriors would be great too).

    Hammerknell shows up way more often than MoM in Interpid Adventures. Can we make it 50/50? MoM is so much more entertaining. I still laugh at the wisecracks in there after leveling numerous toons. Also a third dungeon would be nice.

    The Primalist is the most tedious class in the game to play. We pay for it so it should have something to make us want to play. I've paid for it twice and I have less primalists of any of the classes (2 out of about 40 toons). In my opinion the best option would be a pet soul but you seem opposed to this for some reason (Primal Lord does not count as a pet soul :P).

    Rifts or strongholds that spawn near questgiving NPCs and then repeatedly kill them are just cruel. I know you can shard hop but sometimes a stronghold will be present across all the shards. The one near the Baron in Ashenfell is like this. There is one in the south of Gloamwood that does this a lot too.

    Thanks for reading a long post. I hope you find some of the suggestions sensible and useful.

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    I approve of this list lol!
    Also, I've had long lists before so understandable. I just got my computer back after 3 months of it being repaired by a local shop (long, frustrating story) and am eager to download Rift and get back to playing.

    A few suggestions of my own to add, if you don't mind?

    Finding something to do with the old currencies. Can we spend on special "legacy" rewards or something?

    Some kind of carrot on a stick thing for end game to give the players who like to invest hours in their game something to do? Some challenge to keep them hooked and wanting to keep playing after reaching lvl cap?

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