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    First of all I apologize for my really bad english, I hope you understand what I'm going to write. Probably some of the things I'm going to list below have already been exposed by some other players but I would like to expose my ideas.

    Let's start from the huge farming you've put in from 4.0 on .... do you think putting all this farm keep players in the game? That's not it! Excessive farming brings the player away from the game and does not stay. If I wanted to play so much I played a Korean game where farming is home.

    To make the Rift a little more enjoyable to those who play, like me, from 2011 it's enough to make some changes that I'm going to list below. (these are of course my own ideas, perhaps unattainable, but I try)

    Dungeon and Raid:
    There is no chance of making dynamic dungeons and raids so that they fit into the number and level of players by altering the difficulty and / or the number of Bosses within it, giving the opportunity to be accessible to everyone at any time game, from lev 1 to lev 70.
    For the eternal weapon we have to make 100 experts who become an incredible agony, all because they are always the usual 4 experts who repeat infinitely (sometimes even less than 4). Also, even those who play recently and used the instant boost 65, can see Dungeon and Raid who does not even know that they exist, some beautiful like Hammerkneel, Iron Tomb, Deepstrikes Mines, etc ...

    Daily Reward:
    Put these rewards according to the level of the one who takes them !! It is not possible that I with 2 pg liv 70 still have to take Void Stone (I have over 400k and I do not do anything) or the Planar Infusion ..... I no longer need the exp for planar attunement from 3.9 and since it is for account I do not even need any other pg.

    Some suggestions:
    Void Stone = Captured Intel
    Sack of Dungeon Currency = Ethereal Shard or Legion Datagrams
    Bundle of Upgrade Components = Tenebrean Engine
    Eliminate Planar Infusion
    Large Sack of Currency = New Current Currency (Captured Intel)

    Planar Fragment:
    Change the assignment method, I do not want to drop orange fragment in raid and then see it is for War if I'm Mage, ok I could go to my alt .... but if I only have the main pg or I do not have warrior in my alt ?? Make sure fragments are dropped for calling. Or give the opportunity to sell them or pass them to any pg.
    Also, change the rate of fail, because they are really too high, I can not even spend 5000 platinums + planarites and core to upgrade a single fragment.

    Upgrade Item:
    Lower the cost of the Stellar Trigger of Utilla. it is absurd that the cosmic trigger costs 4500 and stellar 40,000 !! Or increase the way I can get Captured Intel. At this time, I would have over 125,000 Captured Intel .... I think it's a bit exaggerated since I work the day and play right the night after dinner. I do not want a second job!

    Why do not you give them the chance to pass them to other accounts pg? Or exchange them with current currency, maybe with a ratio of 10: 1 or higher. I remember that it was done years ago for the Inscribed Stone, am I wrong?

    Fix the rewards you give. it is unfair to send them to 8-hour missions and bring me as a rewarding gray item (recut thalasite crystal or Pelagic Fragment for example)

    Mystery Box for dimension:
    I find it unacceptable that spending about 400 credits I find in these case items like stones and dried branches !!! Below I should find rare items and a certain level, not things that I can get from minions or fishing.

    Implementing new quest for the guild would be a great thing. Right now there are 3 really worthwhile guilds (Rift, NMR, Manugo) + 2 others that are targeted by type of guild, that is PvP (which can not be done in a week by a guild exclusively) and that of 1000 adventures , even if you do not have pgs that are leveling or there are no events that take you in, you can not do it in a week.

    You could ask those who are asking to close the 2 raids T1 for example, or to kill colossi (not too many :P ) or gathering quests as there are in other games .... recover 100 logs of a particular wood for example.

    Also, it is not possible to insert guild emblems to apply on cloaks or shields as there are so many games, would it be wonderful to include personal emblems like Archeage or I'm wrong?

    I think for the moment it's all .... I still apologize for my English but I hope you understand and have given you some tips to improve this wonderful game.
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