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Thread: Crafting area tempest bay

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    Default Crafting area tempest bay

    Crafting room tempest bay needs imho a make over.

    Suggestion... place the whole stormbreaker thing more to the right, there is a nice platform on top of the stairs @ 12726, 11731.

    Remove the big plant @ 12768, 11758 and place Batua on that stairs, with the portal behind him.

    This would free up the entire length of the area from current crafting room till the stairs with Batua, to create a more spacious, open crafting area with more crafting stations, a decent auction house and some mailboxes inside the crafting room.

    The chron portal can still be there... after all, a portal is just a dot on one map sending you to another map

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    I prefer the crowded space because I have to move less.

    What the heck does "a decent auction house" mean? What's wrong with the current?

    PS can we have a permanent dimension auction house NPC? I'd craft 100% in my dimension if I could

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    Quote Originally Posted by forbiddenlake View Post

    PS can we have a permanent dimension auction house NPC? I'd craft 100% in my dimension if I could
    THIS! I would love to buy one of those for my dim. I won't spend $$ on something that's just charges though....

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    decent auction house ...

    as in not 20 people stuck on the npcs, blocking view...

    I know.. hopping shards, click the button to make players invisible... but that's all workaround stuff, not they ' hey let's just walk to the npc, click and open auction house'

    On the movement part...
    With different professions, you still have to move between crafting stations, some trainers/recipe vendors are in a strange place.. why train forager skills with the npc next to the laboratory, if you have to walk across the room to process the mats from foraging..

    With a more spacious, bigger room, you could set up multiple crafting stations next to eachother...
    workbench combined with forge, so weaponsmith doesn't have to walk between 2 stations for crafting bows and daggers
    workbench combined with laboratory, so apothecary can process the mats needed to craft potions without having to walk from one part of the room to the other corner.

    workbench next to loom so outfitter that does runebreaking can do so without moving between 2 stations..

    place the dreamweaving station in the crafting room instead of having to walk out of the room to craft stuff/workorders.

    Mailboxes in the room, so you don't have to walk away from auction house or workstation and can quickly mail stuff or get stuff out of the mail

    Make the workorder npc have a larger reach to interact with and perhaps stop the npc from walking around
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    I prefer it's current state. Everything is nice and close.

    Also don't forget that TB has another Bank and AH location near the artifact turn in lady. No crafting stations but has 4 or 5 spaced out auctioneers and 5 or 6 bankers.

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    Default Keep Efficiency

    I like it in its current state... Keep Tempest Bay crafting close and efficient for crafting work.

    We already have crafting areas that are more spread out in Draumheim or in the starting cities, which can be esthetically pleasing to the eye but less enjoyable when 'in the zone', so to speak, with a crafting spree. Tempest Bay is definitely a preferred space because of its close quarters.

    I also enjoy a few dimensions out there which take this ease-of-use to a whole new level. Brilliant creativities.

    THAT being said, I love that you're coming up with ideas to make Tempest Bay even more beautiful and useful than it already is. Its one of my favorite places!
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    one... the auction/bank hall near the artifact turn in point in tbay is usually empty... not many have a reason to go into that corner of tbay anymore, since the promo events in that hall are not done anymore.

    vendors.. most can be acquired through rift store.
    some weekly questgivers, the pvp room..

    as for tbay crafting room... nice and cosy..

    who says a more spacious room can't be that either..
    as artificer/miner/forager, I would like to have the workbench next to the forge, a miner trainer, forage trainer and artificer trainer next to it. So I don't have to cross that cosy room for the forage trainer at the laboratory to train a recipe, move to the forge to process my ore and then run back to the workbench to craft my workorder.

    It would be nice to have some clusters of workstations close to eachother. And that may take some space, that is now not available in the current state of tempest bay crafting room.

    When I buy mats on the auction house, I don't want to have to leave the room to get them from mail, run back to w/e workstation to process the mats and then run to another workstation to craft my stuff.

    I don't want to hop shards to be able to click an auctioneer or make others invisble to be able to see an auctioneer.

    I would like to be able to do 2 steps away from AH and click the mailbox (I have patron and 2 private mailbox options, but the mailbox sometimes vanishes into the walls or gets buried under 20 other players)

    maybe Trion can just create a good crafting area in Alittu...
    would also be nice for the weekly crift quest, not having to go to a craft dim or tbay to make your quest item..

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