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Thread: eternal weapon quest & hit

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    Default eternal weapon quest & hit

    With eternal weapons, all classes but rogue get 550 hit from the start.
    Rogue gets 1x 275, the others get 2handed 550 hit.

    Strangely enough, the only 275 hit one-handers are bought with plat, a 250 hit one-hander is bought with challenger marks (pvp currency) and the other option to 'buy' a 275 hit weapon is through the price tickets from lock boxes.

    In other words, if you can't get past particles, you have a challenge getting that 2nd 275 hit one-hander.

    So from the start, rogue ends up with 2175 hit max on crafted/event gear and basic eternal weapon, while all other callings can start with 2200 hit...

    helmet crafted 300 hit
    chest crafted 250 hit
    legs crafted 250 hit
    gloves crafted 250 hit

    ranged crafted 300 hit
    Neck event 300 hit
    2handed weapon quest 550 hit

    1 handed weapon 275 hit +
    1handed crafted 250 hit

    with eternal weapon quest, it would be nice if rogue would get 2x 275 hit from the start, just like the other callings get 550 hit from the start

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    You forgot raiding? If the goal is 2200 hit, then you can run TD EZ.

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