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Thread: Talent Tree Design Philosophy Adjustment - Changing your Roots & Widening Branches

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    Default Talent Tree Design Philosophy Adjustment - Changing your Roots & Widening Branches

    First off let me say I'm not going to bust your butt about balance and I absolutely love the soul system. I also am grateful that you are doing souls 1 at a time now. Thinking about a world where I can buy souls Ala-cart as we go forward has me drooling. It's like a virtual buffet!

    Three main points:
    1. Instead of adding vertically to Souls only give us more points for the next 5-15 level cap increases.
    2. Build soul trees horizontally.
    3. Consider decreasing Root ability unlock requirements for 51-61 point abilities.

    Total Benefits:
    1. Increased raid content replay factor (play longer to figure out best builds.)
    2. Increased desire for players to pay for more level access.
    3. Increased fun for people leveling up.
    4. Brings back mathematicians which can offer better input when you want adjustment feedback.

    Let's take these points 1 at a time.

    Point 1

    Just giving people more points would increase build diversity slightly for max level players. Being able to have more point different from your guild buddy who is generally the same spec, and seeing the difference it makes in raiding, increases the time that players want to raid *even if they've finished all content*. There will always be players out there who are more interested in maxing their output. These players see gear as a speed bump on their way to perfection.

    This also delays that inevitable time when people who got max level months later are not able to find raid teams! Helping to sustain the pop and incentivizing people to stick around longer (because it's "fun" not because you added "thing x" or "thing y") helps sustain population. This can only be good for your revenue stream.

    Point 2.

    Right now leveling 1-50 is a blast for us who like to experiment with talents. The rest? Not so much. Adding another vertical column in any soul, even if it's only 15-20 more talents and only affects the first 3-4 Tiers would see an affect where you no longer have to take a boring talent like "Leaf of the Wind" as a Raid DPS Harbinger for example. It also leaves that talent in for somebody who is taking Arbiter as a 2nd or 3rd soul for their Mage Tank.

    Point 3.

    Decreasing Root tree unlocks would result in less of a push for people to play 61 point specs which again makes it so people don't "have" to take talents that don't' help in their environment (think PvP vs Questing vs Raiding). This one could easily go off rails. The root system is fantastic just.. again.. 61 points.. when that's the max you can put into any branch.. *and* when you only have 70 points max? Come on. Fight me. I have a corgi and I'm not afraid to let it teeth on your legs. (It's a puppy but he's very ferocious.)

    Anyways love your game. I'm tired of griping and letting perfect be the enemy of good. I hope you will consider my suggestions and I look forward to playing your game.
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