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Thread: Extremely rare eternals

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    Default Extremely rare eternals

    First I want to start and say kudos to the graphics team on the eternal weapon graphics. I'm a huge fan of the looks, animations and styles of them.

    When eternal items were first announced I figured there would be more variety of them though. Which got me thinking of other cool weapons in games I played. Namely the legendary quality weapons in WoW. Thunderfury and Sulfuras, and the steps it would take to complete them.

    I think it would be awesome to incorporate some of those aspects into new eternal weapons on top of the existing ones.

    So I'd propose make some very low % drops from the final bosses in Irotp/TD that offer a quest for the them. Come up with a difficult story quest (not grindy but technically difficult) to produce the item involving open world and raid boss kills.

    IE you have the hilt of awesome sword, now other bosses have a chance to drop one of the other components. When you have 6 proceed to phase 2.

    Then you'd need to do a dungeon run and use a quest item to spawn a super hard mode boss there.

    Super hard mode dungeon boss drops plans to forge stage 1 of weapon. To power it further you need a special item from final boss from BoS.

    Maybe a special outdoor 20 man boss for stage 2. Help organize the community a bit.

    When it's fully upgraded we could even make a special event for it.

    Maybe a special zone event could happen in VP that drops some other rare rewards of successful so that other players could get in on the action.

    I'm just tossing out ideas. But I think having some diversity in eternal weapons would be a cool thing.
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