I noticed in another MMORPG that newcomers and mentors/veterans can have small symbols next to their name indicating that they are new to the game or have a lot of experience and are willing to help. I think this would be great for RIFT too, so as an experienced player you can see that someone is new and might need help or tips and as a newcomer you can see players that are willing to help you out and answer your questions. You could also add a Karma system and search function addition (show newcomers/mentors) to make things work out great.

Of course, there should be requirements to become a mentor (max. level, 500 hours of playtime, ...) and you should be able to turn the mark on or off. Newcomers should be flagged for the first 100 (?) hours of their journey, also with an option to turn it off.

Getting newcomers and returners in the game and keeping them in is essential for the future of RIFT imo, and there is many work to do there.