I'd like to share my ideas for refreshing some of in game sounds. For example we have here wonderful "Weather" magic in general. I mean water/storm effects. Did you noticed that sounds of storm, thunders and downpour skills sounds a bit inadecuate to it's effect? First sound of thunders. We have now something that sounds like electric at short circuit time. Did you ever heard thunder during massive rain storm? That powerful deep bass rumble? yeah that's what I mean. (Good thunder sound is used in ROHAN Online with Templar attack skill). Another magic I'd make a little lifting for is water. Some of spells sounds great with it's deep low splash while the other sounds like water drops dropping from pipes. Or look at Downpour sound. We have massive pour of rain and we hear?...drops like from leaky faucet. What about low noise of heavy rain with distant murmur od raging storm?

Thanks and cheers guys! Game is really good! (Please...more hair styles! and why Defiant women has much more beautiful hair than Guardians?)