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Thread: Make wardrobe & minions accountwide (aka on both EU and NA)!

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    Default Make wardrobe & minions accountwide (aka on both EU and NA)!

    Since I play on both EU and NA, I'm very annoyed that some stuff only unlocked per cluster (EU or NA), while most other stuff (packs, souls, accountwide mounts, patron status, loyalty, credits, etc.) is working for both clusters.

    What is currently not shared between EU and NA?
    • Minions & minion slots
    • Wardrobe
    • Planar Attunement

    Personally I don't care much about PA, as it's super easy to max it out at the moment. But wardrobe and minions are very annoying, especially since there are many premium skins/minions and you have to buy the minion slots for credits again, too.

    Random ideas for a possible solution:
    1. Just make it work accountwide. There is probably a reason that it doesn't work yet, so this might just be a dream.
    2. Give us a sync-button. In the character selection menu, give us a sync button that syncs the data between EU and NA and unlocks stuff accordingly. If a limit is needed, put a 7 day lock on it before you can use it again.
    3. At least check credit purchases for premium wardrobe/minions/minion slots and unlock these on both clusters. This works for other premium stuff too.
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    As far as I know, the reason it is not shared is, that credit/patron system works from the website and is updated on/through the website. Buying the credits in game uses an outside source/organization (bank, paypal)

    Buying stuff in game is game/server bound. And since the EU and NA are physically separated servers, it is currently technically not possible.

    From comments in the past, I understand that it may be technically possible in the future. But that takes some R&D

    For the sync button..... not likely we will get that anytime soon. It would technically mean, you would have to shut down both servers at the same time to synchronize. The amount of data involved would probably not be managable while playing the game, since you would have to compare/synchronize everything at once without anything changing through game play while synchronizing. So every bit of data on every char on each shard of each server...

    As for the credit check for premium stuff... That would basically mean, you play one char on one server.. get all achievements, wardrobes, mounts, minion slots, minions... anything with one char. Creating any new char on either EU or NA (no matter what shard on those servers) would rightaway get all as well.

    It would kill some parts of the economy, both in game as well as for Trion
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