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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Thank you for a great experiaence.

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    Default Thank you for a great experiaence.

    I just completed the PLANETOUCHED WILDS area and I had a great time doing it. The story like was good and the characters were great. The voice acting made it all perfect. The banter between the NPCs made me laugh which is something that can never happen too much. Most story lines are too serious and grim. The story in the WILDS had its "save the world" element but it also had a "fun" side too. I even felt sad at the ends of act two and three. Please bring more content like this into the game.

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    Thank you. All of us who worked on that zone really had some fun and experimented with some new techniques for storytelling in Rift.

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    It's good to see some positive feedback as opposed to all the negative threads here. Makes me want to go through the old storyline again.

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    PTW is definitely different from many of the other zones ... and yes, positive notes are always good

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    Storytelling and lore are one of the things that were good from the start in RIFT, and have improved with time.

    Negative feedback is currently only aimed at gameplay problems like massive imbalance between classes and useless souls, OP things/too much nerfs, some strange gimmicks in mandatory questlines, massive plat sinks and too much RNG.
    The things that make RIFT good and unique are still there : dimensions, wardrobe, zone events (excluding VP crossroad camp), good questlines with lore, artifacts, achievements, optional puzzles. This is why many players still play while not liking the way the gameplay is done.

    We give negative feedback on gameplay changes only because we want to get back another thing that was great in this game: choice in specs, good solo hybrids, relative balance, and ability to choose your way to gear.

    Dimensions on Brisesol : Domaine Imari (Mordrahan) / Centre de recherches (Mordrahan) / Laboratoire glaciaire (Mordrahan) / Last hope (Aislyn) / Le refuge du Corbeau Rouge (Kasora) / Kelari spirit (Asri) / Ghost ship (Syel) / A la vie, la mort (Sadar) / Le chemin de l'harmonie (Sadar) / Temple Solaire (Sadar) / Refuge de montagne (Sadar)

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