While I am looking forward to Autumn Harvest coming out next week and the great costumes it will bring, I realize some plans for Fae Yule are already being made.

Hopefully this isn't too late.... but I would LOVE to see a fancy ballet costume made.

Perhaps a snowflake queen from the Nutcracker Suite, with beautiful buttons down her back and rhinestone details from her tutu down to her pointe shoes. However it'd be really nice for the tutu to be a snowflake. An illusion could be used, like the butterflies in the Carriage Epaulets, that would make delicate snowflakes softly fall from the dress.

Another option is a costume based on Swan Lake. Dyeing the dress would allow the toon to choose her role. The feathers, featured on her skirt, would work well with bird masks in game. Likewise, an illusion on the dress could make feathers flutter down.

If one of these ideas makes its way center stage, some tights to match would be perfect.

Thanks for your consideration!