A big question many of the players have is how many IRCís do we have left when we run content. Do I bring this character or that one, crap I donít remember which one ran miniís this week or golems, etc.?

As a solution, how about a sub section the Instances UI that shows lockouts. Title it IRCís or some such. It could have a counter as a per boss such as TD-Beligosh or a count of mobs like golems 1/3, etc. A counter for level 70 experts, crafting rifts, or DRRís. Rather than only populating when an IRC is used, consider just making the list with the headings and a 0/1 next to them. Perhaps break them up with weekly content on the bottom and daily content on the top.

This gives players a clear idea of what they can do when they log in to spread the content out (which if I recall correctly was one of the intents of the IRC system).