I just thought that it might be fun if combat pets talked. The caster could control what the pet says with a command. Specifically, the caster could type in chat:

/pettalk I see deep in your soul, Dragate.

and in chat you see (as well as in bubble on top of its mesh if you've got that enabled) with the pet called "Dark skeletal knight":

Dark skeletal knight: I see deep in your soul, Dragate.

This idea is just a piece of fun, where casters could give pets some form of personality.
They could also macro so the pet shouts "Attack!!!" when caster commands to attack.
This is just one idea. One could think much more.

As I said the idea is a detail, it doesn't add anything new to the game. It's there for flavouring what already exists to pets.

Do you think this is stupid? Tell me your opinions.