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Thread: Harbinger ability, Vengeful Shock

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    Default Harbinger ability, Vengeful Shock

    In its current state, Vengeful Shock seems to only proc in pvp. Thats fine, but what if you aren't pvp'ing? I've not had it proc once from 65-70. I'm even fighting the elites in VP, nothing. I get that it requires a dodge, block, or resist to go off. But if your hit is high enough, being dodged is out of the question. Having it blocked is also, probably out the window for the same reasons. And I've not had anything resisted in quite some time either. I think the skill needs a slight rework. My 2 ideas would be make it a 30-60 sec cooldown ability, minus the prerequisites of dodge, etc. Or, change it to trigger when the caster dodges, blocks, or resists an attack. Either of these would allow it to be used in pve again, as well as still working in pvp. Thoughts?

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    this was brought up before specially with the intro of legendary VS which made a useless spell now have a use which i and some others saw as just insulting as the spell should have been made to actually do something in non legendary first.

    you are best off just taking your suggestion directly to keyens on discord or direct pm. i wish you luck.

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