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Thread: auction house same-priced compression of item stacks

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    Default auction house same-priced compression of item stacks

    would be nicer if they would stack together all the same-priced items especially for those people who are selling more than one stack of an item of 99. it would clear a crap ton of space in the auction and reduce overall amount of pages people need to sift through for certain items.

    so if I am selling like 1000 of that item all for the same price it should be stacked as 1000. not several stacks of 99. same should go for other items regardless if it's a full stack or single items ( such as someone posting multiple single rexes at same price..... it should just auto stack. )

    also... being able to buy/sell individual credits on the auction house the same way.

    so if 1000 people post 1 credit to the auction house for same price of like 1.2p/credit. it should show up as 1000 creds @ 1.2p each. this would help in many situations where someone is stuck with odd number of credits. but wants to sell it to other people but there's nothing worth buying with 1-3 credits or what not.

    last but not least, would also be nice to just remove the names of sellers in the auction house. the only name that should show should be your own if you've posted items to the auction house. I find sometimes that people if they hate a certain person they will not buy the items just because of who it is( I've seen it , not on my toons but towards other people).
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    Interesting idea, it sounds awfully close to the Trading Post in GW2, except that's even more broken down. There's only ever 1 listing of any specific item up, and the viewer can only buy in order from cheapest to most expensive, and then by first posted to most recently posted for those tied at lowest price. It guarantees buyers are getting the best price by preventing accidentally buying something snuck in there at insane prices, and guarantees sellers who list lowest/first get priority. However, GW2 also doesn't allow trading between players to prevent scammers or circumventing the Trading Post. You can mail something to someone to give it to them, but no such thing as C.O.D.

    I would like to see a similar system incorporated into Rift but I'm not sure if Anet has a copyright on the exact concept. Even if they do, I'm sure an adjusted concept could be implemented without legal issues.
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