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Thread: Tempest Bay on Porticulum map

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    Default Tempest Bay on Porticulum map

    I wish artistic license would be used to enlarge Tempest Bay 2 or 3 times so the 3 porticulums are not overlapping on the porticulum map. It makes it difficult to click the one you want.

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    This. It's 2017, I refuse to scroll in like a peasant just to get the correct port I want.


    Also can we stop adding ports in TB? It's such a tiny map 1 will be sufficient. By 7.0 I don't want to see the entire map just filled with ports
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    I understand the second one being added, it was to spread out the bind points to reduce lag when zoning in. However since we no longer have the population we once did, the second one could easily be removed as we no longer need it. Why a third was added, makes no sense.
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    Or you could just zoom in. You know that functionality exists, right?

    Also, bah, millenials.
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    I don't get the point of the third one either, in fact I never talked to the porticulum master with all other chars so it doesn't show on the map.

    While zooming sounds like a good idea, it always moves TB out of your map and you have to pan it back, which is just as annoying as moving your mouse to the right pixel at default zoom.
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    Since TB is apparently going to continue to be the hub for the forseeable future, can it be moved off the Brevane/Dusken map and be made it's own section? Basically let it be counted as a "continent" so that we can pick it like we pick Mathosia, the SL area, the PoW, and the Comet?

    I made an example, forgive my crappy paint skills and inability to scale things:


    This way you pick TB and it becomes the map, you can easily select the portal you want (and if future portals were added, no big deal). Also gives it more of a permanent capital feel, since that seems to be the way it's going.
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    Another option ... ever seen an area code map? They have pointers to locations that are too small to put type in. Simply move the 2 side ports outwards slightly with a line pointing to their location on the island. There's lots of room in the water for ports!

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