This is something i believe should have been noticed and fixed long ago but since this problem is there, i will adress it. High level players that refuse to mentor down when doing zone events in low level areas. Especially now, especially with the 50 colossi grind, for some reason, ppl wont mentor down. And i am unable to understand why they dont, other than maybe not knowing better or just they are there to troll. They will get no rewards as far as i know. Yet they insist to not mentor down and burn the colossi in 5 seconds, not allowing other players whom were there doing the event, protecting wardstones or closing rifts and then end up with nothing when the final objective is down before they can engage it. It is a waste of time. I'll finish this post with the suggestion of making EVERY zone event colossi immune to characters who are 5 or more levels above the colossi. Simple and easy fix for this.