would be nice if you could add npc companions to the game wich you could buy and they remain in youre dimension until you decide to take them for a adventure. We could level up, add weapons and armor to them mabe even have there own wardrobe sistem? Also add 1 slot for them for free players to purchase them and mabe 4 or 5 other slots wich you would pay to unlock but you can only have 1 companion with you at a time. you could sell some of these npcs in tempest bay and in Rift store mabe add a few unique ones to the rift store that you can only buy with real money. you could also make them only be able to be resurrected in the local rez spot for a fee depending on there level. these npcs should be male and female and mabe not just human, elf, dwarf or bahim you could add a fae or a mermaid.