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Thread: Crafting Materials

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    Talking Crafting Materials

    Hi there. It is my first time posting here so please understand if I have my basics wrong.

    First of all, I noticed that low level crafting materials have very low demand. The only buyers for this mats are those players without the required gathering profession (a player needs Tin Bar for his/her Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing but do not have Mining profession).
    Also, higher level recipes for all crafting professions require high level materials and lower level recipes require low level materials (with the exception for Dream Weavers and Runecrafters). Admit it or not, low level recipes/items are useless even for low level players. The only need for this low level mats is when a player wants to increase his/her Trade Skill level. Therefore, low level mats such as Tin Ore, Soft Hide, Coastal Glory, etc. are basically junk in the inventory. There sell price in NPC merchants are also low.

    What I suggest is there should be a system where low level mats are required.
    For example, there would be a daily quest where players need to turn over Tin Ore (for Miners, Coastal Glory and/or Yew Timber for Foragers, and Soft Hide for Butchers) of certain amount to gain some currency. Let's say players will need to turn over 99 mats for 1 "Token" (this is a currency I just made up. Hoho). This "Tokens" will be used to be exchanged for any current in-game currencies or whatever. The goal is to use low level mats to earn something useful. Of course the items needed to be turned over should also be random so that high level mats can also be used.
    One more thing. The reward system should be scaled depending on the materials used.

    Most of you who are reading this (I assume there is someone actually reading this) might say, "Why would I bother harvest those low level mats? I am level 70 and the mats are located at Silverwood." Well, players can always buy stuffs from AH or COD or player-to-player trade.

    I do not know if this is a good idea but I think it is better to have low level mats to also be on high demand. But it is good to have the trading economy diverse. Lol
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