Not a suggestion like most of the ones in this section of the forum but I'll post anyways.

The most recent stream with the new primalist souls was hard to listen to from my perspective. The comments about how it's impossible to balance the thousands of soul combinations or that this game may not be for you if you like to min-max sucks if you care about raiding. Feeling prettty alienated suddenly from a game I came to specifically because it's raiding was better than many other MMO's I've played.

Seriously some feedback if you guys running these streams are reading this: Take the time to understand what raiders want. No one's asking for every possible soul combination to be balanced, and it doesn't seem like great reasoning to give as to why the game can't be balanced. If you look at threads on these very forums it's very clear that there is probably some balance work to be done.

I believe that the average player or not so great players do about the same DPS, but there has to be some way to work on high-end balancing. I play Cleric and browse the forums pretty frequently, and I'm beginning to think that developers don't see it as a problem that playing a cleric rn is literally playing this game in hard mode. (Seriously, why make hard mode servers when you can just tell people to play cleric lol)

Here's just a few threads I'm talking about:

I'm sure other classes have their own opinions about balance as well, I just happen to frequent the cleric forums the most often.