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Thread: Tracking Instances which consume individual reward charges.

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    Lightbulb Tracking Instances which consume individual reward charges.

    We have a number of instances which consume Individual reward Charges, which are only consumed once a free instance is done, it'd be nice to see these as counters in the Instance Tab on the character screen. It currently has an Instance Lock table so could add an individual reward charge table:-

    Intrepid: Rise of the Phoenix	Wednesday's Date	4:00am
    	Seething Core		(3/3)
    Tartaric Depths			Wednesday's Date	4:00am
    	MiniBossesName		(3/3)
    Looking For Raid:
    Queens Foci			Wednesday's Date	4:00am
    	Hexathel 		(1/1)
    Tartaric Depths			Wednesday's Date	4:00am
    	Beligosh 		(2/2)
    	TarJulia 		(2/2)
    	Council of Fate 	(2/2)
    	Malannon		(2/2)
    Tuath'de Coven			Tomorrow's Date		4:00am
    	Hollowood		(1/1)
    	Mossclaw		(1/1)
    	Lanaria 		(1/1)
    	Gwethleane		(1/1)
    Intrepid: Darkening Deeps	Tomorrow's Date		4:00am
    	Alchemist Braxtepel	(1/1)
    	Michael Bringhurst	(1/1)
    	Tegenar Deepfang	(1/1)
    	Council Geldo		(1/1)
    	Scarn			(1/1)
    Intrepid: Gyel Fortress		Tomorrow's Date		4:00am
    	Seathe			(1/1)
    	Houndmaster Kytus	(1/1)
    	Admiral Nezavar		(1/1)
    	Lady Glasya		(1/1)
    Temple of Ananke		Tomorrow's Date		4:00am
    	Gristlespitt		(1/1)
    	Killthraxus		(1/1)
    	Lord Draveneaux		(1/1)
    	Maelferus		(1/1)
    	Ananke			(1/1)
    These would only show up as bosses are killed in the same way as instances are shown on the lockout. These things are already tracked internally, and so it is merely exposing this information as a convenience to those of us with short memories and many characters.
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