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Thread: Onslaught API

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    Default Onslaught API

    Like the external event tracker, an onslaught tracker.
    Relevant due again due to the planar gear upgrades, and the onslaught dailies. Or if an onslaught weekly is added.
    Would preferably include zone, location, plane, and only show actives ones ("ready to start", "running" or similar)

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    If don't see that this is needed because you can start an onslaught anytime you want. The event tracker can be used to alert you to the best zone to start an onslaught.

    I find it convenient to do an onslaught in Xarth Mire and Ashenfell during a zone event because the onslaught site is close to a Wardstone. You can kill two birds with one stone. It can also be fun when the zone invasion mobs fight the onslaught mobs and help you out.

    Scatherran Forest and Gedlo Badlands are less ideal but can be done if the zone invasion is life for Scatherran Forest and fire for Gedlo Badlands. Killing life mobs at the onslaught site in SF also counts as kills for a life invasion. Killing fire mobs at the onslaught site in GB also counts as kills for a fire invasion.

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