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Thread: Expansion of Wardrobe utility - Sometimes I want my mage to wear a shield

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    Default Expansion of Wardrobe utility - Sometimes I want my mage to wear a shield

    In short, what I want is to be able to use any item wardrobed in it's appropriate slot. (Offhand can be shield for example. I don't want to main hand a shield, that requires new animations)

    I understand that Mages aren't meant to wield shields, so there's no accommodation for it, but the animations for all race and class combos already exist, right? Why can't they be combined so that using a shield wardrobe triggers a change in animations and Mages adopt Cleric animations?

    I don't pretend to know how to code anything like this, so it may be exceptionally difficult. (And if the answer is, 'we'd love to but it's just not feasible with our coding/software/etc', I understand) I attempted to discuss this in a live stream chat with Vladd, but the environment wasn't ideal and he had other questions to answer.

    And my suggestion of how to execute it might not be viable (maybe teaching the wardrobe system to trigger animations to read Cleric instead of Mage isn't possible) but I hope I can either get someone thinking about how it would be possible or we get lucky and my unintelligible babbling inspires some eureka moment 😉

    And please, don't come in here and complain that I'm asking for cosmetic things when functional things need work. Seriously, don't be that guy.

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    old, but good idea
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    This would be super cool, in addition to the choice of equipping 1H/2H wardrobe no matter which actual weapon you have.
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