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Thread: Character Select screen idea

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    Default Character Select screen idea

    Granted this is a small suggestion, and not important as Raids and whatnot but...
    Is there a way we could have our toons on the Character select screen be able to be sorted? Like Have our Defiant toons and Guardian toons on opposite sides of the screen, or be able to put favorite toons at the top of the list? Or even have our mainly played ones with a larger Nameplate on that screen than the rest? I realize we have some people that only play one toon, but some of us have 5+ and play them according to guild needs or our moods.
    WoW has the character select screen where you can sort toons top to bottom (manually) being able to place favorites on the top, or currently focused ones on the top, even being able to place 2 of the same class (different factions) one above the other. Just a thought...

    Thanks in advance.

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    also a "who has mail" icon on the character.

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    I like this idea.
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    As a player of both WoW and Rift, I definitely am on board with this idea! Every once in a while I'll go to click and drag a character badge to move it higher in my list of characters, but I realize that in Rift I can't do that lol! It would be very nice to be able to sort my characters according to how I play them, or as my mood strikes me.

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