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Thread: Guild Improvements

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    All of these suggestions given by the people so far would be neat and helpful, but there are so many that it would need a complete overhaul (at least that's how it looks to me).
    I'd prefer to and offer a few small tweeks that can be implemented easier (again, i'm not a game developer, but still):

    1] A few more vaults for purchase. (even if it's for a hefty price, we need that space).

    2] Increased quantity and/or variety of quests to pick up. (during busy week we finished most in 2-3 days most)

    3] Rework of guild battle banners, switch from boost that give set rate of increase (+500mana for example) to percentage maybe(+5% mana or something like that).

    4] Passive skills to reward guild play (Example: something semi-relevant, like 0.25% increase in stats for each guild member in your raid/party).

    5] To make the guild dimension a place for the guild to hangout, aside training dummies... i know (guild) "banks" can be bought w. credits and added, mailbox as well, crafting stations used to drop from rifts.... why not have the crafting quest-giver NPCs available for purchase as well? This way guilds can have their own private zones for battle training and crafting instead of overcrowding in TB/Choreburg. (Auction NPCs too maybe. if that's even possible?!)

    6] Search option for the entire Guild UI (Item logs, banks, memberlist, wall and so on). Realistic/not? idk

    7] An extra tab in the guild UI for messages between players, like "Stickies" and who's looking for what materials/artifacts/wardrobes, who got new comet recipe they can craft now, who needs info or help on whatever quest/achievement, or offtopic notes that don't belong on the wall:"i'll be late for raid tomorrow, kids are sick", things of moderate importance that could help guild life and the atmosphere of cooperation... as it is If the the current wall is used for these, important messages like raid times and schedules can be lost in the information flow. +Limiting the number of stickies like 1 per person to prevent spam, or according to their rank perks...
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    bump de bump

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