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Thread: Asana's Blade from the Atlast Reactor Founder Pack

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    Default Asana's Blade from the Atlast Reactor Founder Pack

    I'm not entirely sure if there's a better place to post something like this, but with the recent

    Atlas Reactor's Founder packs they have some cross-over goods for Rift and other games.

    Now, one of those items (Asana's Blade http://i.imgur.com/8NXjokS.png ) the issue with it is that it isn't a one hander, but is that there's no 2 hander version for it.

    Even though it's a small issue if you have a class that doesn't use a 1 hander or don't have 1 handers available for use you're kind of gimped out.

    Tl:dr - Atlas Reactor cross promo, weapon skin is 1 hander only, asking to see if 2 hander could be added as well.

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    There are plenty of other weapon skins that don't have 2h versions and vice versa. Fine as it is.

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    But... promoting another game, it would be nice to share the wealth. I purchased the basic pack. It looks nice.Asana's Blade from the Atlast Reactor Founder Pack-2016-04-02-2-.jpg

    Oh, along with a planar buff to give it that extra sumthin, sumthin
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