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Thread: something's missing in mmo's

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    Default something's missing in mmo's

    hello all, hopefully im in the right place for this. ok I have been an mmorpg player for at least the last 20 yrs or so and something has always been missing and until my most resent mmo exploits I didn't have a clue as to what it was, ok some ppl are pvper's and some aren't I used to be a heavy pvper but well lets face it wow ruined that for me so I been doing the pve thing since and not to long ago mmo's started coming out with player housing, was the greatest thing ever wasn't it? well its still a sweet thing some ppl don't agree but w/e, the one thing that was missing in my time of mmo gaming and I only recently figured out what it was, was an actual pve war, now some ppl reading this will think "wth is this guy talkin bout" well its simple, think about it every single mmo out there (ones I know of anyways) all deal with the usual players go kill the npc's quest grinds, raids and what have you but none of the mmo's I have played (with the exception of wow's WOD xpac) have it so that the npc's come to you and raid ur faction's cities or w/e, now most games as I stated earlier have some kind of player housing, but almost none have player controlled and or built forts/cities except wow's WOD and archeage's guild castle's and so on now archeage is extremely close to my idea actually it is the same as my idea with one exception, make or allow for players to build forts/cities or castles w/e you wanna call em that get raided by npc's and be a pve point of view, now wow's WOD has done this... to an extent they made a generic thing where both factions get a designated area and buildings and so on which was good for a bit but got to boring and way to easy, the only 2 games I know of that have even come close to an actual mmorpg allowed player built and controlled warplot/castle/fort w/e are archeage and wildstar now imo the only downfall with these is that they are strictly pvp which ya ok is fun and all but imo it would be a lot more fun if say the forts allowed for both pve and pvp now the only game I can see this being possible in from trion's list is rift the reason I say this is because of the "rift event mechanic" now I haven't played rift in a while so I don't yet have the latest game info for it, but what if the trion devs say next xpac or a later xpac made it so that there was something sort of the same as wow's WOD where the players actually go to the realm of a rift element lets say the life dimension the same way that the rifts bring their npc's into the game world only instead we fight them on their turf so to speak and to accomplish this players would need to make a foothold and say build a fort, but not just the generic type of thing that wow did im thinking the same sorta idea that archeage has or even better another game for those of you that know it arc survival, where they build everything from scratch and build things the way they want it to look and actually have it as a real personal touch type of thing, and then maybe have the same kinda idea as the current zone events only instead of it being an event of rifts its an event of the current rift zone type's npcs attackin the players forts and the player/s have to defend the fort or lose it, but as I said I don't have the up to date info on rift so for all I know this could alrdy be happening, but if its not I think it would be a great idea and would love to see this kind of thing in an actual mmorpg, now I realise there are sandbox games out there but imo they just don't have that mmorpg feel to them, now as I said wow has done it yes they have but they also royally screwed it up imo in a lot of ways but the first way they screwed it up was forcing the players to do it in a designated spot and with generic buidings with no personal touches what so ever and by that I mean instead of allowing the player to say build a wall around the fort and allowing the player to decide on whether they wanted to say put up towers with gun turrets or anything like that they forced it to be generic and not allow the players to design them, now I realise this kind of thing would be a huge undertaking but if done correctly it could be an extremely fun and challenging experience not only for the players of the game but possibly the devs and programmer's as well, but that's just my opinion and im no expert when it comes to computers and stuff I just would like to see an actual mmorpg with this kind of thing in it and not just as a pvp option and I think rift here has the potential for it and would be an awesome game to do it in. thx for reading and hopefully this will happen.

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    Can you edit your post so it has punctuation and paragraphs? Makes it difficult to read, at least for me :/

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    Holy wall of text Batman... I tried to read that. I really, really did.

    Please format it.
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    thats what playing mmo for 20 yrs does to a person

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nephyla View Post
    Can you edit your post so it has punctuation and paragraphs? Makes it difficult to read, at least for me :/
    I know, something is missing OP. It's hard to read.

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    Default Breathe!

    *inserts HUGE, DEEP breath and let's it out slow like* Ahhh, much better.

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