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Thread: Mentoring mechanics could use adjustment

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    Default Mentoring mechanics could use adjustment

    When it comes to playing with characters in content that automatically adjusts levels (like nightmare rifts, instant adventures, and so on) there seems to be a large disparity between actual effectiveness despite the level adjustment.

    The mentor system doesn't seem to account for the utility and damage gained from having more abilities. Even if a level 65 is reduced to level 20, their wide range of abilities lets them be far more effective than an actual level 20. So if you get a higher level in a public party, the content is too easy. Likewise, if you go instant adventuring in a high level zone, a level 20 character getting upped to level 50 doesn't seem to be as effective as an actual level 50.

    I'm not saying take away or suddenly give abilities, but I believe the mentor system should make stat adjustments according to the true level disparity to account for this. If a level 50 player gets sent down to 20, he should take additional stat penalties to compensate for their abilities. In the same vein a level 20 getting upped to level 50 should get additional stat buffs.

    These adjustments ought to be subtle; you don't want to penalize someone for leveling up, after all. It'd need to be a delicate balance.

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    This already exists but isn't perfect. Ability A deals less damage when you're mentored down to level X than it did when you were actually level X to account for this.

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