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Thread: Mount/Companion transfer MTX

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    Post Mount/Companion transfer MTX

    Browsing through my characters I created and leveled over the past years I'm always sad when I stumble across a mount or a companion on one of them I really would like to use on my new main character(s).

    Often those are raid drops, event rewards or from other sources which are no longer available or it's unpractical to get them again.

    Here comes in my idea for a shop item which offers the ability to detach the mount or companion from your character and make it "Bound to Account". This way I can transfer it to any other character on my account and use it there without having any negative effects on the open auction house market.
    I'm also pretty sure that Trion has to gain more than they might loose out on mount sales. Credit and lockbox mounts are account wide anyway and existing characters have their normal mounts already and wont start sharing a high speed mount over multiple characters. Even if they do, they gonna have to spend credits on every transfer with the proposed item/feature/service.

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    I made a thread about this last year, yet to get an official reply though

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