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Thread: Auction House for Everyone

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    Default Auction House for Everyone

    Give even free and non credit buying players access to the AH but, limit free, non credit buying players to say 10 AH transaction per week until they get loyalty.

    That would allow them to trade safely and, allow those of us that use the AH to sell to them easier. It would also encourage them to spend cash to get loyalty to up the AH use limit while giving them a taste of what the AH is and, what they can get in there.
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    Only that people will rather make more accounts to get more free AH space, then to play or pay towards the 1500 loyalty.
    If a player is into Rift, he can hit the loyalty mark cheap and easy with a Rift Game Box, the NMT Typhoon Edition, a direct Credit purchase or buying REX for plat. and using it.
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    Yeah, if they aren't going to buy then that will not encourage anything.

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    The reason AH is gated is to help stem bots from abusing it.
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    Or you can use the trade and COD functions already in-game?

    Also, no to free auction for everyone. Don't want bots or dummy accounts spamming crap.
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