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Thread: generic lfg feature and reputation system

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    Default generic lfg feature and reputation system

    looking for group (lfg) feature:
    purpose: to facilitate more team play in more aspects of the game.
    features: expand current dungeon, war front, conquest, instant adventure lfg to include chronicles, raids, and generic ones that can be specified by a host player(open world NMR lfg for example). A host player needs to be able to specify the goal of the group, and team composition, player stats, which players who are willing to join have to meet to be qualified

    reputation system:
    purpose: to encourage players to behave better, gradually raise the overall playerbase game performance and satisfaction.
    features: each player will have a reputation attribute in character sheet, that's given optionally by other players after a team activity(NTE, WF). There will need to be some cool down between 2 evaluation one player A could give to the another player B to avoid abuse.
    One player A could choose to give a positive point, which will raise the rep of player B by two, or a negative point, which decreases it by one. This is to counter the fact that ppl are more likely to comment on negative experience.

    BTW why can't we see other players' chatacter sheet for stats? this would make many group activitys' selection process much easier(i.e. host wouldn't have to check gear for 1k hit for raid rifts).

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    Default thoughts

    a more open LFG system would be a great Idea. I'm thinking something along the lines of the LFG in GW2 where you can create a group for any reason separated by categories (such as open world, dungeons, [chronicle equivalents] etc) you could specify any requirements you wanted, but it was up to the leader to decide whether or not you qualified.

    this system couldn't be "cut and pasted" into rift as there aren't really dedicated tanks/ healers in GW2 so I think keep the current random dungeon/pvp/CQ/Adventure finder then add a generic group finder that you could post up a group you were forming and what you still needed. then people won't have to spam " 1k hit [class] LFG [raid]" and could just look to see if any are forming. the leader would still have to gear check, but at least chat would be less clogged.

    Reputation, while it sounds nice would be a horrible way for trolls and douchbags to ply their trade. if you use the LFG system you will invariably run into people who blame their incompetence on others. imagine if you will; a tank stands in fire the whole fight. dies. blames the healer downvotes/rates everyone in the group then leaves. now an otherwise nice and competant group is rated worse because of it.

    then on the other hand a group of similar people will continuously upvote/rate eachother so that their whole guild looks like saints and/or Bad-*** raiders. although a well implemented system would be nice, it would be very hard to make a system that provides accurate representation.

    I too would like to see other peoples stat sheets. it is useful not only for leaders deciding whether you fit the requirements for the group, but also for deciding who will fulfill what role and for guilds to see if dps is low because of gear (too much crit hit not enough crit power) or just skill.

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    Maybe this can help you, but unfortunately its usefulness is dependant on how many people are using it.

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    Generally, if you look at Instant Adventures, that is a minor implementation of a 'Looking For Raid' system?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knoxville
    Maybe this can help you, but unfortunately its usefulness is dependant on how many people are using it.

    New Raid Finder
    No one in EU uses this, I checked multiple times. Trion should take this, polish it and integrate it as an official feature. Otherwise it will never be a very popular feature, unfortunately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theriene View Post
    BTW why can't we see other players' chatacter sheet for stats?
    I've been very much in support of this. It would be awesome if they could add the Stats tab to the inspection window.
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