A list of Rift changes I'd like to see:

Guild Perks
Planar Protection - Our favorite passive charge consumer, but +30 resist is negligible at level 65. Please boost accordingly.

Increase to PVP weekly prestige reward. Max rank is level 100. Increase prestige rewards accordingly.

Increase PA experience from PVP rank up. 500,000 base PA can easily be scaled up now that PA cap has been increased.

Finric Drops. Please increase Finric loot table to 1 trinket, 1 ranged item. This has been expounded in http://forums.riftgame.com/game-disc...ml#post5019275

Tank Drops. Tank drops are averaging 50%. I would like to see a serious effort from the community to present a spreadsheet so can we get a big data estimate of tank drop rate. But tank drop rate should be no more than 25%. No encounter requires 1 of every 4 members to be a tank.

At the very least, a dev response on this hot topic would be satisfying.

Expert Upgrades. The crafting upgrades were wonderful. Now please add similar upgrades for expert rings, necklaces, earring, weapons, and trinkets. Mat sinks galore.