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Thread: Dreamweaving: Resource conversion

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    Default Dreamweaving: Resource conversion

    During my playthrough of the Goboro Reef main quests, one thing i thought well done was the Ghar station Mem. Among all this, the Dreamweaving tanks i thought were the most imaginative aspect. Using the plane of water's energies to turn thought into impossible to obtain comodities. I would like to have this functionality implanted into Dreamweaving craft.

    Skill: Salvage Resource
    By salvaging resources, the player can obtain distilled inspiration. There would be four varieties: 1-29, 30-50. 50-60, 60-65
    Each type of resource would have a different value that would determine how much distilled inspiration you would obtain.

    Converting Inspiration back into resources
    Once you have inspiration, a skilled dreamweaver could convert this back into any type of resource whatsoever within the distille's level range. This could allow Dreamweaving to replace any gathering profession, or all three (at great cost of materials, however). HOWEVER - Salvaging and recombining resources has a loss of efficiency. Each resource has it's value, you would only obtain one half to one third on salvaging, but would require the full amount to recombine into a full resource.

    Worth of resources:
    Runecrafting materials: medium-high
    Rare runefracting materials: medium-high (bellow max level), very high(max level)
    Plants: moderate
    Refined reagents: moderate-high*
    Ore: moderate
    Ingots: moderate-high*
    Wood: moderate
    Refined wood: moderate-high*
    Hides: moderate-low
    Leather: moderate-high*
    Cloth: Low
    Common Fish: Very Low
    Uncommon Fish: Low
    Rare+ Fish: moderate**
    *When salvaging refined materials, you only recieve the base material's salvage value. For example, while crafting 1 Sarleaf Extract requires slightly more then crafting 1 Sarleaf, Sarleaf Extract gives the same amount of distilled inspiration as Sarleaf
    **Cannot be crafted

    This would provide an alternate use for Dream-weaving, as well as additional recipes to help level the artifact-muncher-profession. Give or take.
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