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Thread: Carnival of the Ascended 2016/5 Year Annivesary Suggestions

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    Default Carnival of the Ascended 2016/5 Year Annivesary Suggestions

    So it was mentioned they are already working on some major changes for the next year for the big 5 year milestone. The Carnival is kind of a hollow shell of its once glory so I wanted to take a look at things that might be done to improve it and in general stuff for the 5th Anniversary,

    For one an actual world event associated with the Carnival like we had the first year would be awesome. Whatever our current enemies might be at that time, launching an assault on us at a time when all the ascended are celebrating. I'll break this down into a few subcategories:

    New games:
    The game itself has evolved alot since year 1, surely there are some new tech that can make for some really neat new carnival games? Especially when the Carnival expands to Tempest Bay and Margle Palace.

    New Zone Events:
    If we have a world event, a real one like we did before I'd love to see zone events with each phase like last time, for example in year one we got some of the very cool ones where the guardians and defiants were fighting each other.

    IA's/Open Classic Raid:
    We know from the pictures in the Darkmoon interview and from hints dropped prior that IA's are coming to HK, but what capacity will that take? Will it be new adventures in a former raid zone? Or will it be somewhat like Flex/LFR raids in WoW? Well if you are putting IA's in a raid zone I think it should really be still a raid, just one that scales primarily heath and some damage. Somewhat like a flex version of the Intrepid raid we had for DH. But since the very first Carnival dovetailed into Infernal Dawn, I would love to see ID come back in this capacity as well as HK. In fact it would be great to see all the classic raids available in this way.

    Tales of the Ascended:
    Alot of people don't know about it but there is a colloseum in Shimmersand for special rift events called Tales of the Ascended. Which is basically a story/rift hommage to our victory in the past. Existing currently are Hylas/Adrxas/Jornaru/and one from ROS I think. But apparently our victories in Infernal Dawn, Endless Eclipse and Frozen Tempest/Tyrant's Throne don't classify as being important enough? Also for the Anniversary I think it would be cool to have raid rift versions of these that you can summon with a lure at a raid tear.

    CIty Invasions/IA's:
    We had this for the zone event that lead up to SL and it was very cool, I'd love to see this in all the major cities before the final "celebration" phase.

    So thats my ideas. What else would be cool to see? This is a major milestone and Trion has plenty of time to work on it.

    I'd like to see some sort of PVP thing paying homage to our Guardian vs Defiant past. Perhaps a zone that is open just for the carnival duration where its guardians vs defiants again.
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