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Thread: Upgrading Acount

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    Default Upgrading Acount


    I wanted to know if its possible to upgrade your acount in steps?
    not everyone can affort a huge amount in 1 time

    In the past i have bought Rift in store and after a week playing i bought a digital upgrade to collecters edition. so i know it is possible as i've done it before

    So my question is instead of paying 1 time for the infusion edition 134,99 ( which i can't affort) is:

    134,99 euro divided into in these steps:
    Step 1: Typhoon Edition pay 22,49,
    Step 2 : Ultimate nightmare edition 44,99 but since i already bought Typhoon it would be 44,99-22,49 = 22,50 to pay for upgrade
    Step 3: Infusion edition 134,99 -44,99 = 90 euro to pay

    In the end i would have payed like everyone else the amount of 134,99 euro's for the Infusion Edition exept into 3 steps upgradable

    Would love to see this possible

    With kind regards


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    Even if Trion did that, you would pay more for the end goal. Companies give discounts when you spend more and charge more when you pay a la carte. The bold print you have is not the same thing either.
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    Alternatively you could save your money till you had 135 euros. Though that seems like a lot of money for upgrading. I upgraded from vanilla for like $60.

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    Well, it would be nice to have more upgrade options... but why aim for the NMT Ultimate, if you do not have the spare money for it?

    And another thing, for new players, there is a resonable upgrade path allready there:
    - Rift Game Box, or Rift Game Code in any Edition you can find online
    - Storm Legion Expansion Game Box or Code, or instead of a Rift Game Box go for a Storm Legion Combo Box
    - Nightmare Tide Infusion Edition, important about this is, that you sell/trade the level-60-boost for REX or plat.
    - Dream Souls Pack, get a trusty shopseller and let him buy it for around 4k plat. and gift it to you.
    Make sure that the shopseller is at least level 65, has a good reputation, decent gear and is in a good guild. No point in "saving" a few plat. or time and go with a "cheap" or "fast" shopseller, only to end up getting ripped off.

    All of that is way beyond 140€ in total, and it has anything you need.

    Now if you want a shark mount, buy another Infusion Edition, sell/trade the level-60-boost again for REX and buy the mount from another player.
    I got mine for 4 REX, had to put in some time to get the last REX, but it was well worth it. Not to forget, it can swim, it has 155% speed and counts for the whole account.

    And have a look at ************ (especially, if you want more level-60-boosts...) - you want the Ultimate Edition so bad?
    You can have it from there for around 72€ including taxes and buyers protection...
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    and thank you.

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