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Thread: Error Report: DOTs on Pets

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    Default Error Report: DOTs on Pets

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, I can't find an actual error/bug report section for you guys and your "contact us" link at the bottom of every page is broken.

    I've been experiencing an issue with damage over time effects on my greater primal companion affecting the player as well, sometimes even after I've died and resurrected in warfronts. These single target dots on my pet are causing damage to my player as well, preventing me from mounting, capping flags, and picking up objectives until they wear off. As I said, sometimes they persist after death too, so when I res in a WF I have to wait several seconds for them to go away before I can mount up.

    This is incredibly frustrating and I do not think intentional. My ability to complete objectives in warfronts should not be hindered because of damage my pet is taking. Please look into and correct this matter.

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    I have a similar problem to this on occasion. Sometimes when i die with a dot on my pet... the pet keeps the dot and continues to take damage but regens the damage as fast as it takes it. resummoning that pet doesnt help and neither does logging out and back in. Eventually it goes away...probably when they do server maint.

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