I queued yesterday for 4 1/2 hours for a NTE dungeon. I was so tired by the time i actually got in one i had a hard time focusing on what i was doing. And this is a big problem in rift. Dungeon queues are ridiculously long especially when you come from WoW. I actually leave warfronts and conquests if i get a dungeon queue in the middle because it takes so long to get another. So some maybe off the wall suggestions...

1) Queue roles-
A) You have to be in the role your going to play when you hit the queue button. When you are ported to the dungeon, you will automatically be switched to that role and locked in that role for 10 minutes.
B) You can only queue for one role at a time.
C) Support, Heal, and Tank roles get a reward chest for completing the dungeon regardless of if they run it 1 time or 100. The chests contain random rewards of : Plat, pots and scrolls, gear, stones, and/or marks appropriate for the level of the person running the dungeon
D) The Heal and Tank roles would get the same level of chest. While the reward for support would be about half.
E) A heal/tank chest might have the following drop rates ( support chest would be half the reward amount or half the chance on single items):
- 1-5 plat(at level 65) =100%(RNG amount)
- 1-3 Hp Pots(scaled) =75% (RNG amount)
- 1-3 MP pots(scaled) =50% (RNG amount)
- Random scroll (scaled) = 33%
- Green gear( scaled) = 25%
- Blue gear(low tiered) (scaled) =5%
- 5-20 Stones( scaled) = 33% ( RNG amount)
- 1-10 Marks ( scaled) = 5% ( RNG amount)
Scaled means scaled to your actual level
F) Works for mentor queues.

- No role queues
- You must be able to fill 2 of the 4 roles ( IE: Tank or DPS)
- 5 Players that meet the dungeon requirements are tossed together in the dungeon. They sort out who does what. Its called teamwork something MMOS lack now-a-days.
- In theory should allow for faster queues.
- Random dungeon reward chest apply( still get 7 for a week just another way to complete it)

3) Sidekicking it up
- a check box under the allow mentoring check box in LFG allows a player to sidekick up to higher level dungeons.
- Only works with random dungeon finder and you must have mentoring enabled so you have access to all current dungeons.
- Scaled to dungeon level.
- Can only greed roll or pass higher level dungeon items.
- Takes a greed roll penalty for dungeons above their dungeon level:
A) 10 levels or less above their max dungeon level: roll - 10 = final roll
B) 11 levels or more above their max dungeon level: roll - 20 = final roll
C) Expert dungeons they dont meet requirements for: roll - 20 = final roll
- XP scaled, plat/gold is not.