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Thread: Flying Carpet Mount - Hear me out!

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    Lightbulb Flying Carpet Mount - Hear me out!

    Greetings all, and Trion in particular.

    Now with the Lifter mount, me and a few others in the chat, believe that it would be fairly easy to reskin it to make a flying carpet ( flying as in, hovering, not a flying mount ).

    As i'm a huge fan of low-animation mounts, i would love a flying carpet, especially since i don't really like the Lifter's look.

    Personally, i'd throw in an instant 50+ just trying to get such a mount :3

    What are peoples view on this?

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    Love the idea, would squeeze another 4050 credits out of me

    Gogo Trion

    Cannot help to mention the Wig Wardrobe Slot idea again !
    And more shoes !
    And more tank tops !
    And ....

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