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Thread: Upgrading Collectors edition discount

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    Default Upgrading Collectors edition discount

    Ok so I seen the typhoon edition in the ingame store and reading through it I seen some nice stuff so I decided to go for it. Now that I have it I have seen on the website that there is different levels of "Collector's Editions" and that I am charged their normal price to buy when I already have the standard typhoon edition.

    Shouldn't people like me get discounts on the more expensive ones since they contain features we have already bought.

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    Yes, they should. I would have thrown a lot of money if I only I could actually upgrade instead of buying again.

    But they won't make it so and shortly enough they'll show up on this thread with an excuse for why they can't due to a technical/business design issue despite the fact that every other - not only gaming, but software - comapny works like that and made it possible for their products.

    Trion is special. You know, like very very special. And mom and dad loves trion very very much.
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