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Thread: Rift Mobile and tamagotchi minions

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    Default Rift Mobile and tamagotchi minions

    Is it just me or have the simple scratch-offs mini-games on rift mobile started to get old. The app does many great things but there is really no reason to use it for more that a few minuets a day. Additionally minions have become such a large and fun aspect of the game so why not incorporate them into the rift mobile app by allowing one to care for their new friends from their mobile devices. This could be easily achieved with adding a tamagotchi like mini-game where one can care for a few of their minions and regenerate some additional stamina.

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    Default still cant eve use the app

    At least the app doesn't crash on your phone.

    I have two phone Rift mobile wont work on.
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    Default No way

    Since minions alter the economy, and now they use on the promo events in order to extract credits from us, no

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