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Thread: Skill Set Practice Items - for Crafters

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    Default Skill Set Practice Items - for Crafters

    I've crafted numerous items at lower prices to allow lower-level users to at least get some decent gear when playing the game, but often I find that my entire lots of them have been purchased by a crafter trying to salvage them to upgrade their skills. It's still a sale, but it leaves the lower-level characters with nothing.

    I propose for each type of crafter to be able to create an item to offer a chance for higher skill reward than from salvaging regular items. They may or may not yield the same mats as salvaging uncommon or rare or epic items, but they'll have either a static or dynamic skill upgrade reward (higher than what would be available than from salvaging items). To prevent the crafter from benefiting from this themselves, this item will only be available once they reach a certain skill level that would essentially be "greyed-out" for them to use themselves, but they may purchase (from AH) or trade (w/ other higher-level crafters) more of these "skill set practice items".

    This would hopefully prevent (or help minimize) crafters from exhausting low-level prices geared for low-level characters, giving newcomer's a chance to afford somewhat decent items aside from those available through quest rewards.

    Just a thought. Thanks.

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    Default fine fellow flipmonger

    Props for looking out for the little guy.
    o==(>>>>>>>> ODTEG <<<<<<<<)==o

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