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Thread: Account wide bank vault

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    Default Account wide bank vault

    Since many items are account bound, and for other reasons, I would like to see an account wide bank vault that is available to all characters on your account, or at least on the same shard. This would greatly facilitate moving items around between characters and help to keep track of just what you have without the need to keep switching characters.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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    One of the best innovations Everquest ever made. Right up there along with the option to login at home when coming online.
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    That would be wonderful for Botters and AH resellers.

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    It would however be awesome for crafters - especially those of us who have multiple professions accross multiple alts. I farm / collect from minions most of my mats on my main - working out how many of each item to split so my weaponsmith on one char and my artificer on another have enough metal bars is and always has been a pain. Its alos a pain to keep track of those items so I can work out what my current reserves look like. Even if no other items could go into it a Shard based shared crafting stash for characters would be awesome.

    For Trion to get some incentive out of it either have a purchased unlock for the account, or a purchased unlock for each character you want to access the shared stash. There is no reason to argue that this would need to be a free-to-play item - it wouldnt change your ability to do all content, just provide a welcome QOL change if you want it.
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    It's been suggested to Trion many times.

    Trion has made changes to the bank system in NT, and basically chose to ignore the request for a special bank slot that was available to all characters on that account.

    I don't see this happening in the future. Trion has spoken by their silence. They KNOW what we want, they just refuse to give it to us.
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