Puzzles are one of the more unique systems currently in rift. Finding them, solving them, and their rewards. This is a brainstorm for how the puzzles themselves, as well as their rewards, can be expanded.

Reputation: Cryption Collective
Run primarily by the bogling sisters, Omi and Nomi, the Cryption Collective is a puzzle based faction. Writs granting reputation are awarded for puzzle achievements, and subsequent completions award additional (but much less) faction. Generally, the harder a puzzle, or the longer it takes to complete, the more faction is awarded. Additional, larger boosts are awarded with puzzle meta-achievements. The collective sells copies of puzzle rewards a character has already earned access to, as well as components for dimensional puzzles. The reputation merchant would appear physically in the Dendrome. If you don't know where i'm referring too, complete the achiev It Goes to Eleven.

Dimensional puzzles
Interactives meant for dimensions. levers, sigil orbs, gates, teleports, etc. Each dimension has a 'puzzle' script, a macro template which interconnects the puzzle items in a single dimension. Players could create their own puzzles in their dimensions. (or, simply do more mundane, but still significant stuff like making openable/closeable gates/doors.) The Trion team, with permission of a dimension's maker, could copy high quality puzzles and integrate them into Telara proper. This would provide a means of having new, fresh puzzles added to the game on a semi-regular basis.

Artifact character portrait frame
You've probably seen someone with the rare sign on their portrait frame, from the achievement Patience is a Virtue. This would be something similar. By completing all puzzle achievements, which currently sums up too Solution Finder, Puzzler & Game Master, then the character gets an artifact shiny to go into the slot. Four varieties are available. A regular, white shiny is always available to anyone who has, at one point completed all the puzzles in the game. A primistic, multicolored shiny is available to everyone who has completed every puzzle, period. When additional puzzles are added, access to the primistic shiny is lost until the new puzzle is completed, but access to the white shiny is permanently retained on a character. White and primistic sparkled versions of the rare diamond are also intended, so a rare hunter can show mastery of both puzzles and monsters at once. Same rules apply.